Heat Exchangers

The operating principle of AELtherm plate heat exchangers is to ensure that instantaneously heated domestic hot water is supplied on-demand only and is maintained at a constant pre-selected day/night temperature, at any flow rate, up to the design capacity. Without the need for hot water storage the possibility of bacterial growth is virtually eliminated.

Instantaneous Unvented System

instantaneous unvented system


The various components, plate heat exchanger, primary circulator, control valve and control equipment are assembled in such a way that lime-scale formation is reduced to a minimum.

The unit is compact, lightweight and easy to install, with only water and electrical connections being necessary to bring it into service. Electric supply 240V/1ph/50Hz as standard. Standard operating temperature/pressure 110°C/6 Bar.The Aeltherm is fitted with an independent control panel.

Semi Instantaneous Unvented System

semi-instantaneous unvented system