Steel Radiators

The AEL range of Steel radiators are the most efficient available in the UK today.

Aesthetically pleasing, robust in design and available from AEL in three elegant styles, each steel radiator will enhance the aesthetic design of any residential property and also be strong enough to be installed into commercial and industrial building such as airports, museums and offices etc.

Linear PlanRad steel radiators provide a very high heat output and are available in 3 styles, 33 heights and 16 depths which will provide the solution for any heating installation design.

Tubular steel column radiators or TubaRads are assembled from individual sectional column radiator sections. Each section is available from 2 to 6 columns in depth and each deliver a specific amount of heat depending on how high and deep each column radiator section is. The Tubarad is also available as a bench type radiator which is low and horizontal, designed to fit under windows or can be used as a heated bench in a sports facility or changing room.

The Flatrad flat fronted steel radiators are available in 9 heights, 7 depths and 16 lengths, vertical or horizontal and finished in a choice of 22 factory colours, the Flatrads are renowned for extreme energy efficiency, cost effective, strong and one of the most reliable steel panel radiators available on the market today. Each Flatrad can operate at up to 10 bar pressure and 110°C as standard .