Radiator Valves

AEL Radiator Valves are manufactured in Italy and not only do they look fantastic but they are assembled and tested in a quality controlled environment that produces radiator valves in traditional and modern styles with thermostatic or manual control in various colours that can accommodate any pipework configuration to provide that professional finishing touch to your choice of radiator.

All the AEL Thermostatic Radiator Valves and Manual Radiator valves are tolerance tested to open and close as the specification requires so each valve will control the correct flow of hot water into the radiator.

The amount of hot water flow that will be allowed through the TRV into the radiator will depend on how close the pre setting of the temperature dial on the valve head is to the actual temperature of the room.

The Manual radiator valves operate just like a tap because the flow of water into the radiator is controlled by how much the valve head has been turned open or closed, you simply turn the valve head by hand until the radiator is giving the amount of heat required for your room.

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