Trench Heating Grills - The Finishing Touch

Trench Heating floor grilles are usually run around the perimeter of a room and must be perfectly installed and match the look of your room as they are the final finish to the installation of your new heating system.

The Trench Heating heat emitters are sunk into trenches and finished with a suitable sometimes decorative floor grill, which is finished flush with the floor covering.

The Heat from the Trench heaters are then circulated around the room with the help of an integral fan or by natural convection as it would be from a radiator.

Natural Wood Grills
Standard: Spacing's (sleeves) between the rungs are usually made of black PVC.

Option: Spacing or sleeves are also available in various RAL Colours: Grey, Beige, Light Brown, Dark Brown and a Beech Wooden spacing

Most grilles are only available in a rolled-up version and the maximum length of one grille section is usually around 6 metres.

Oak Finishes
Oak Finish with Black Sleeve Oak Sleeve with Light Brown Finish Oak Finish with Biege Sleeve Oak Finish with Beech Sleeve Ash Finishes ash-finish-black-sleeveash-finish-biege-sleeveAsh Finish with Beech Sleeve Beech Finishes Beech Sleeve with Beech Finish Beech Sleeve with Biege Finish Beech Sleeve with Black Finish Merbau Finishes Merbau with Beech Finish Merbau with Black Finish Merbau with Dark Brown Finish Merbau with Light Brown Finish Jatoba Finishes Jatoba Sleeve with Dark Brown Finish Jatoba Sleeve with Beech Finish Jatoba Sleeve with Black Finish Jatona Sleeve with Light Brown Finish   Grille Corner - Herringbone herringbone-ash-beech-finish herringbone-ash-sleeve-beech-finish   Wooden Board Grilles merbau-finish merbau-finish oak-finish Roll Up Aluminium Grille The grille is made of aluminium with the closed profile.
Options: Natural aluminium, Anodized Aluminium
Standard Spacing’s or sleeves between rungs as standard are usually made of black PVC.
Colour Options: Grey, Beige, Light brown, dark brown.

Roll Up Aluminium Grille
with Closed Profile

anodized-aluminium-black-sleeve natural-aluminium-black-sleeve
Modular Aluminium Grilles
Options: Natural Aluminium, Anodized Aluminium
SPACINGS: The Rung Fasteners are usually made of black plastic.
The length of run is usually 440 mm.
anodized-steel-finish anodized-aluminium-or-satin-finish anodized-black-finish anodized-gold-finish anodized-medium-brown-finish natural-aluminium-finish Linear Aluminium GrillOptions: Natural or Anodized aluminium with spacings and sleeves made of painted aluminium in RAL 2005 black
natural-aluminium-finish natural-aluminium aluminium-anodized-gold-finish aluminium-painted-finish natural-aluminium-finish
Corner Herringbone Grill Options: Natural Aluminium  spacing's or sleeves are made of aluminium painted black.
Anodized Aluminium spacing's or sleeves are made of aluminium painted black.
Aluminium painted in various RAL colours
corner-housing Natural Finish natural-aluminium-finish
Linear Steel Grilles
This type of grille is available only available as a rigid version.
The maximum length of one section of the grille is usually 2 meters.
Any Grille lengths longer than 2 meters are made up of several elements of equal rigid grill lengths.
Linear Stainless Steel Grilles