There really is no longer any need for engineers to wait for days to receive a reply to a question or a quotation request for a plate heat exchanger design.

Most designs for Central Heating, Domestic Hot Water, Swimming Pools and some Renewable energy applications can tend to be the same or very similar 90% of the time.

So with this in mind AEL have published these standard design parameters on our website with prices and technical information showing dimensions etc so engineers can use them for quick budget purposes, design indicators or for straight forward purchasing.  

  1. Most systems using a boiler as the primary heat source would operate at a flow temperature of either 80 oC , 82 Oc, or 85 oC.
  2. The secondary circuit design of 99% of all Domestic Hot Water systems LINK  will be based on raising the water temperature from 10 oC to 60 oC.
  3. The secondary circuit design of 99% of Central Heating System Breaks LINK will be based on raising the water temperature from 70 oC to 82 oC.
  4. Swimming Pool Applications LINK tend to always be based on the return water partially bypassing the PHE and the remainder passing through the PHE being raised by 20 > 25 oC heating the pool up over 48 hour period or more.
  5. Renewable Energy Systems tend to have a Primary flow temperature of 60oC.

AEL will provide you with full technical support for all of our products by phone and e mail when we will be more than happy to discuss your installation requirements and whether a plate heat exchanger may or may not be suitable for your current project.