Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Suitable For Heat Pumps

AEL have been supplying brazed plate heat exchangers for use in many applications throughout the UK , Ireland and the Channel Islands for over 20 years.

Brazed plate heat exchangers are very small in size and are a highly efficient method of providing instantaneous heat transfer between fluids in a heating system.

Using Brazed plates with Heat Pumps is an extremely cost-effective way of utilising every Watt of energy generated from a heat pump to provide a highly efficient heating system. They are maintenance free and provide long term service.

Brazed plate heat exchangers are used in a range of applications such as cooling, heating, evaporation, condensing and of course renewable energy which includes Heat Pumps.

Please see our standard output Heat Pump Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers units which are built and tested to perform as shown with the specification below.

NOTE: All other duties for various applications can be quoted for if the details are sent to our technical department at

Standard Plate Heat Exchanger Design and Pricelist:

Design duty:                                          PRIMARY                  SECONDARY
Fluid Type                                    Water (25% Glycol)                 Water
Inlet Temperature                                   60°C                             42°C
Outlet Temperature                                55°C                             55°C


AEL-LB-238-10 Output 5 KW           £60.00 Ex VAT
AEL-LB-238-20 Output 8.2KW         £75.00 Ex VAT
AEL-LB-238-20 Output 11.2KW       £75.00 Ex VAT
AEL-LB-238-30 Output 14KW          £95.00 Ex VAT

Carriage is charged @ £15.00 Ex VAT per unit or £55.00 Ex VAT for four or more units delivered on a pallet to the same (Mainland UK only) destination as one consignment.

Consignee responsible for offloading from the nearest hard standing position.

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FARAL Aluminium radiators have been installed in the UK for 50 years and are still the most efficient radiator available today.

Aluminium radiators are a far better conductor of heat than either steel or cast iron and are therefore the most efficient way of transferring as much heat as possible from a low temperature heating system into a room.

We have provided a quick guide below using our FARAL Alliance radiator showing the output per section of radiator at a low water temperature (dt 27.5°C ) generated from a heat pump using a standard AEL Brazed PHE shown above as a simple system break.

Example: - the Output for Each Section of the Alliance Aluminium Radiator Range is shown below based on the supply water temperature is 55°C, the return water out of the radiator is 42°C and the room temperature is 21°C giving a dt of 27.5°C.

Model                   Output Per Section
Alliance 430                   42.45 Watts
Alliance 580                   57.80 Watts
Alliance 680                   65.65 Watts
Alliance 780                   73.40 Watts
Alliance 880                   81.10 Watts

Faral Aluminium Radiator

To view the FARAL Alliance Aluminium radiators please visit: FARAL Aluminium Radiators from AEL Heating